Dr. Frank Roach of Atlanta Explains Tooth Decay and Prevention A dentist with decades of experience to his name, Dr. Frank Roach of Atlanta has raised the bar on dental care by offering a personalized approach and state-of-the-art procedures. Helping readers understand how to best take care of their teeth between dentist visits, he explains tooth decay and prevention below. 
At the offices of Dr. Frank Roach in Atlanta, patients know they’ll receive dedicated care and individualized solutions that rely on sophisticated technology and procedures. Because of this, Dr. Roach has developed a far-reaching reputation for excellence across the state of Georgia. 
He offers a range of services from his Atlanta offices, including cleanings, fillings, imaging, dental implants, surgical procedures and more. Helping his patients take care of their teeth at home, Dr. Frank Roach shares with them top dental advice for repelling tooth decay in between visits. 
“Cavities are the result of tooth decay tha…
Frank Roach of Atlanta Uses Advanced Tech Like the MoonRay S 3D-Printer In-Office
Dentist Frank Roach of Atlanta has earned a reputation for unparalleled service among his patients thanks to an individualized approach to care and his dedication to the latest technology available in the industry. Here, readers gain a better understanding of how the advanced MoonRay S 3D-printer expedites processes and improves overall care. Frank Roach has served as one of Atlanta’s premiere dentists for decades, staying at the cutting edge of technology and dental procedures. He believes upgraded technology is one of the most important elements of a quality dentist office and frequently invests in new machines to meet patient needs. By employing the MoonRay S 3D-Printer, he is able to create models of patients’ teeth in-office without requiring third-party services, eliminating wait times and expediting the delivery of dental services. “Better technology improves the experience for both the patient an…
Dr. Frank Roach Optimizes Patient Scans by Using CEREC Omnicam Technology
Dr. Frank Roach of Atlanta is renowned for his dedication to advanced technology, which helps him deliver unparalleled results to his patients. Using only the most sophisticated equipment in dentistry, such as the CEREC Omnicam device, he can expedite the time patients spend in the office while improving overall results. 
For decades, dentists relied on traditional set-and-dry molds to take impressions of patients’ teeth before addressing concerns. While the discomfort was minimal, Dr. Frank Roach knew impression-taking could be expedited by investing in better technology. As he’s developed a reputation for, Dr. Roach updated his equipment to the latest in the field and invested in CEREC Omnicam for patient scans. 
“CEREC is known for cutting back on the time patients have to spend in the office,” says Dr. Frank Roach. “The Omnicam is their latest innovation. By allowing dentists to take digital impressions of pat…
Dr. Frank Roach is Proud to Offer PRP Therapy to Patients in the Atlanta Area
Atlanta-based dentist Dr. Frank Roach has built a reputation on superb offerings, outstanding care, and dedication to the latest technologies and procedures in dentistry. To help expedite patient healing time post-procedure, he now offers revolutionary PRP therapy in his offices.  Dr. Frank Roach of Atlanta has exceeded patient expectations for decades and consistently updates his offerings to ensure they receive the best care possible. Staying true to this ideal, he employs only the latest procedures, technologies, and hardware available to ensure effective, long-lasting results for all patients.  “Not all the tech updates we make in our offices are immediately apparent, but they never fail to deliver exceptional results that our patients notice with time,” says Dr. Frank Roach. “We’ve upgraded from clay molds to 3D-scans of patients’ teeth and from traditional 8 or 12 anchor dentures to the All-on-Four proce…
Dr. Frank Roach Offers Two Ways for Patients to Whiten Teeth Through GLO Treatments
Dr. Frank Roach is one of Atlanta’s premier dentists with years of experience providing top-notch care and advanced solutions for dental issues and concerns. Helping his patients achieve their healthiest and whitest smiles, Dr. Roach employs GLO whitening treatments in-office as well as gives them access to at-home kits. Over a career spanning decades, Dr. Frank Roach has delivered tailored dental care to patients in the Atlanta area using the latest technological breakthroughs and procedures. Today, he provides industry-leading GLO teeth-whitening treatments at his offices, giving patients the ability to remove stains during their visits or later at home. “The GLO teeth-whitening brand is one of the easiest and most effective treatment procedures available,” says Dr. Frank Roach. “It uses a powerful combination of light and gel that can erase years of discoloration while remaining extremely gentle on…